Bond-Ply LMS 500P - New at Bergquist Company

Bond-Ply LMS 500P

Bond-Ply LMS 500P

Features and Benefits

  • Polyimide film provides high dielectric strength
  • Intended for secondary and primary voltage power applications
  • Reliable lap shear strength at temperature extremes
  • Quick cure rate
  • Excellent CTE and shock/vibe absorption

Bond-Ply LMS 500P is a thermally conductive laminate with a polyimide film substrate.The product consists of a high performance thermally conductive low modulus silicone compound coated both sides of a polyimide film, and double lined with protective films.The low modulus silicone design effectively absorbs mechanical stresses induced by assembly-level CTE mismatch and shock and vibration while providing exceptional thermal performance and long-term adhesion and dielectric integrity. Bond-Ply LMS 500P is typically used for bonding power components and PCBs to a heatsink. See application note for lamination recommendations.

Typical Applications Include

  • Discrete semi-conductor packages bonded to heat spreader or heat sink